100% Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Comforter


Shell: 100% Combed Cotton
Fill: 100% Bamboo Charcoal Fiber



Bamboo charcoal fiber quilt features:

(1) It is a combination of Taiwan’s eugenic Mengzong bamboo and Japanese kiln charcoal, using Taiwan’s nano high-tech technology, and then transformed into charcoal fiber that can be used as quilt.
(2) Bamboo charcoal can emit natural far infrared rays and negative ions. It is like bathing in the forest when sleeping, helps to get better blood circulation and reduce back pain.
(3) Bamboo charcoal can deodorize, antibacterial and clean the air, has good hygroscopicity and moisture release, and keeps the quilt warm and dry.

P.S: 100% bamboo charcoal quilt is warmer than 50% bamboo charcoal quilt, which is more suitable for people with low body temperature or poor blood circulation.

*The pictures are for reference only, and the products are based on actual products

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S.TWIN 54"x78" (137x198cm), TWIN 68"x86" (173x218cm), FULL 72"x84" (183x213cm), QUEEN 84"x92" (213x234cm), KING 102"x86" (259x218cm)


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