If you’re planning to buy a high-quality silk quilt, there are a few things you should look for before committing to a purchase. The best quilts make use of 100% mulberry silk. This material should be carefully processed using a new technology for professional silk-laying and sewing to ensure quality craftsmanship. This process ensures the product does not break down under long-term use.

Another important thing to do look for is whether or not there is a protective layer of silk included between the quilt core and its surface. This vital component helps to prevent thread from breaking through the top of the quilt.

Quilts made from bleached wild grasshopper silk or silk waste should be avoided. These materials are bleached and can negatively impact your health.

Quilts derived from chemical fibers such as Japanese silk, rayon, down silk, milk silk, and soybean silk are also best avoided. 

To spot the difference between real and fake silk, take some fabric samples and clamp them to together with non-flammable bamboo chopsticks. Light the fabric with a match or lighter. If the fabric catches fire very quickly, it is fake. Real silk is not easy to catch fire.

Once you have attempted to ignite the fabric samples and any fire has been put out, take the time to smell the sample. If the fabric smells like plastic, it is fake. Real silk smells like sericin. 

Bamboo charcoal quilts offer many health benefits. They are rich in mineral content and are quite fine in their structure. Since our air contains many harmful chemical substances including sulfide and nitride, bamboo charcoal quilts are highly prized for their ability to absorb and break down these elements, thus neutralizing their effect.

In addition to being comfortable, healthy, and warm, bamboo charcoal quilts are renowned for offering such important qualities as promoting better metabolism, increasing circulation, and regulating autonomic nerves. 

To ensure your quilt cover fits your quilt, you will need to determine the correct size. The size label on the quilt will be a big help in this process. For the utmost in comfort, you will want to select a quilt cover that is 100% cotton or pure silk. Quilt covers are an excellent option to consider as they are easy to remove for washing and can be purchased in many different styles and colors for a quick update of your bedroom. 

Summit quilt covers are designed to be easy to both install and remove. The patented system employed with this type of quilt ensures it does not slide up and down when you turn over. The quilt comes with 16 buttons sewn into its fabric, allowing it to be firmly buttoned in place. 

Natural wool is fluffy, soft, and elastic. It naturally absorbs moisture while leaving the surface feeling dry to the touch. Over time, quilts made from this fabric can also absorb sweat from the human body while not succumbing to wetness.
Natural wool prevents cold air from entering the material. It is an excellent preserver of heat, keeping you both warm and dry all night long. 

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