Polyester Summer Comforters (Tencel Cover)380


Shell: 100% Tencel
Fill: 100% Polyester

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Tencel polyester quilt features:

The quilt covering is made of super soft luxury tencel cloth
(1) Summit uses Lenzing’s unique patented natural wood pulp material to refine the Tencel fabric, which is the best quality Tencel fabric known today.
(2) Tencel cloth is soft and skin-friendly, also more hygroscopic than cotton, it is washable without shrinking, and combines the advantages of silk and cotton. It is the most comfortable and practical natural fiber in the 21st century.
(3) Although the touch and performance of Tencel are similar to real silk, its price is almost the same as high yarn count cotton.

The filling is made of super soft fine polyester
(1) Super-soft fine polyester is like feather velvet because its fiber is super-fine and soft like feather and silk.
(2) Super-soft fine polyester feels very good, will not form agglomerates after long-term use, it is also fluffy, and has good air permeability and warmth retention.
(3) Although super-soft fine polyester has the characteristics of velvet, it can be washed with water, can be stored for a long time, does not grow mold. This material helps to achieve the best goal of warmth and comfort.

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S.TWIN 60"x78" (152x198cm), TWIN 68"x86" (173x218cm), QUEEN 84"x92" (213x234cm), KING 102"x86" (259x218cm)


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