Silk Pillow


Shell: 100% Jacquard Combed Cotton
Fill: 100% Silk

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Silk contains porous protein fiber and amino acids which has many functions such as balanced moisture absorption and release, also activates collagen to prevents skin aging and reduces fine lines, helps on dark spots, to keep skin look beautiful and shine.

Silk has the following features:
(1) Natural long fiber. Light and soft, warm and comfortable
(2) Silk is a porous protein fiber, which has the benefits of moisture release, moisture retention and warmth retention. It can keep the quilt at a constant temperature and not stuffy because of its great breathability, and it can also keep dry. Silk product get the reputation of warm in winter and cool in summer.
(3) Silk is a good natural material for skin beautification, some with skin allergy can see improvement when they use silk quilt.
(4) Sleeping in a very comfortable natural protein quilt every night can promote sleep. It helps people sleep deep and healthy during the night.

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